A coroner has described 'drugs as the evil of life' after the death of a 'dearly loved' young man just two days after Christmas.

Luke Aldred died at the age of just 26 at the Royal Bolton Hospital on December 27 after failing to battle drug addiction, despite being supported by his family.

Luke was described by his grandmother Valda Aldred as a "confident, well-mannered, respectful, very intelligent and articulate young man'.

The inquest heard, Luke had a history of drug use, and started taking cannabis as a teenager before taking cocaine and heroin.

Jeffrey and Patricia Hartley, Luke's paternal grandparents were also at the inquest.

In her statement, Mrs Aldred said: "He didn't want to die, he was dearly loved by family and will be forever in their hearts"

Professor Alan Walsh, Area Coroner, concluded that Luke's cause of death was septicaemia, caused by infective endocarditis, which in turn was caused by intravenous drug use.

He said: “People believe they may die from overdose or from potency, but many people sadly die as a consequence of using drugs.

“It takes people’s lives at such a young age and you as grandparents suffer for it. It’s a true tragedy to die so young.

“My sympathy goes out to you as grandparents, you must be extremely saddened and frustrated today.

“Luke tried to overcome but couldn’t conquer the problems that drugs created in his life.

"The family did everything they could. Help was there but he couldn't break the addiction.

"Luke was a young man who was 26 years of age at the time of death.

"He had total support by family and friends."

Speaking after the inquest, Mr Hartley said : "It's very, very sad for the family. We'll miss Luke."

Mrs Aldred added: "The whole family, especially his mum and brother, are absolutely devastated by Luke's death. He did come off the drugs many times but drugs are so powerful, they just destroyed his life.

"We think of him everyday, he will always be remembered."