Yobs caused havoc in a medical centre car park, smashing several vehicles with tools, before attempting to set a car on fire.

Support and advisor in IT, Daniel Alexander Anderson, was working at Manor Gardens next door to Harwood Medical Centre, in Hough Fold Way, when he saw a group of teenagers attacking the vehicles at around 6pm on Tuesday.

Daniel said: “The teenagers broke into one of the cars and found some axes and spades.

“They then started smashing another car with them.

“I later saw a video where they were trying to set a car on fire.

“I wanted to go home at that time, but I felt I couldn’t, knowing that an axe and spade were there.

“These teenagers seem to be enjoying themselves by causing trouble, and it’s not right.”

The Bolton News: One of the damaged cars

Firefighters attended the scene just after 6.30pm after a call from a local resident who said that one vehicle had been set on fire. However, when they arrived, they did not need to intervene.

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service said: “Firefighters carried out checks at the scene but found no action was required.”

When crews arrived Daniel became aware of the fire through talking to the resident who had alerted them.

He added: “When they arrived, I wanted to find out what was going on.

“That’s when I was shown the video of the fire by the resident.

“The teenagers left when they heard the sirens.”

Last month, Daniel said that garden furniture used for a community garden for residents nearby was also stolen by a group of teenagers.

The Bolton News: Harwood Medical CentreHarwood Medical Centre

He added: “It is not a one time thing.

“When the garden furniture was taken a month ago, we knew that there were already teenagers messing around in the area, so we put a camera up.

“The biggest impact has been on the elderly residents who are trying to make their lives more enjoyable and trying to make their garden nice.

“It’s upsetting to us because we have a responsibility to help them.

“Some residents are pretty scared and have started parking further away because of the incident.

“The last thing you want to think about is where the safest place is to park your car.”

Daniel says that police arrived at around midnight .

The police have been approached for a comment.