Atheletes will descend on Bolton on Sunday to take part in Ironman UK.

There will be a number of road closures in place.

Leigh, Atherleigh Way and Lostock - 06.00 – 10.30

The bikes will follow Atherleigh Way (A579) to the Chequerbent roundabout and will continue through Chewmoor and Lostock over the railway bridge then onto Regent Road. All will be closed from 06.00 – 10.30.

Vehicles travelling east to west and vice versa can cross the closed roads at the junction of Atherleigh Way (A579) at the Wigan Road (A577) roundabout. Vehicles will be able to cross the route at the A6/Bolton Road traffic signals travelling eastbound.

Chorley New Road and Bolton - 06.00 - 10.30/06.00 - midnight

The bike course then travels west along Chorley New Road from Regent Road and does a U-turn before the Beehive Roundabout returning east into Bolton. The course will travel down Chorley New Road and turn onto Park Road then Spa Road to the town centre.

The A58/Victoria Road to the Beehive will be closed eastbound from 06.00-10.30.

Chorley New Road and parts of Bolton town centre will be closed 06.00 – midnight.

Northbound residential access at the Chorley New Road/Victoria Road junction will be available between 07.30—17.30.

New for 2022, traffic can access the Beehive Roundabout in all directions after 10:30.

Middlebrook retail park is open as normal on race day.

Tonge Moor, Ainsworth and Bury - 06.30 - 15.30

The bikes then exit Bolton town centre using the A676 and B6208, following Winchester Way, Bury Old Road, Church Street and Cockey Moor Road towards Bury, before turning left onto Lowercroft Road.

There will be no crossing the route at the A58/Thicketford Road junction.

Thicketford Road, Winchester Way, Bury Old Road, Church Street and Cockey Moor Road will be closed eastbound.

There is a crossing point on southbound A676 Tonge Moor Road and B6208 Thicketford Road.

There are also crossing points for Blair Lane and Arthur Lane.

Walshaw and Tottington - 07.00 - 16.30

The bikes course continues north on Lowercroft Road into Walshaw before continuing left on Hall Street/Watling Street. The course then turns right onto Tottington Road/Turton Road then left and travels north on Holcombe Road.

Lowercroft Road northbound and Hall Street/Watling Street will be closed northbound from 07.00—16.00.

Tottington/Turton Rd will be closed southbound 07.00—16.30.

There is a northbound vehicle crossing point at Tottington Road/Watling Street junction.

The Bolton News: The routeThe route

Greenmount and Hawkshaw - 07.00 - 16.30

The bikes course then continue north on Holcombe Road before turning left on Bolton Road/Ramsbottom Road.

Holcombe Rd will be closed northbound and Bolton Road/Ramsbottom Road will be closed westbound from 07.00—16.30.

There is an Eastbound crossing point at Ramsbottom/Bury Road junction.

Edgworth, Chapeltown, A666 and Egerton - 07.30 - 17.00

The cyclists then turn right and travel north on Bury Road before turning left down Bolton Road/Wellington Road through Edgworth.

They will then take a sharp right turn north on High Street/Green Arms Road (B6391) before turning left onto the A666/Blackburn Road southbound. The course then turns right onto Longworth Road and left onto Egerton Road towards Belmont Village.

Bolton/Wellington Road will be closed southbound from 07.30—16.30.

Green Arms Road, A666 northbound and Longworth/Egerton Road are closed between 07.30—17.00.

There is a vehicle crossing points northbound on Wellington Road/High Street and southbound at the A666/Green Arms Road junction.

Delph Reservoir can be accessed all day via Delph Brook Way. Access will be traffic managed by stewards at the junction of Delph Brook Way/Longworth Road – this is the only access in and out.

Belmont, Smithills, Chorley Old Road - 07.30 - 17.30

New for 2022, the course will turn left at Belmont Village and travel south on Belmont Road.

The course will then turn right onto Scout Road and left onto Smithills Dean Road. The bikes will continue south and do a U-turn outside St Peter’s Primary School before travelling north and left onto Colliers Row Road/Walker Fold Road to Chorley Old Road.

The bikes will then cross directly over Chorley Old Road and continue on Old Kiln Lane.

Next, they will turn right onto Stapelton Avenue/Victoria Road and then left onto Chorley New Road towards Bolton.

Belmont Road southbound, Scout Road, Smithills Dean Road, Colliers Row Road/Walker Fold Road, Chorley Old Road and Old Kiln Lane will all be closed 07.30-17.30.

Stapleton Avenue/Victoria Road will have northbound residential access only from 07.30-17.30.

There will be a vehicle crossing point northbound at Belmont Road/Scout Road and two-way crossing point on Chorley Old Road.

Councillor Martyn Cox, Leader of Bolton Council, said: “We’re thrilled the IRONMAN events will be back in Bolton once more this summer. These sporting occasions always bring a great sense of fun, excitement and community spirit to our town, and it’s excellent to see athletes of all ages and abilities taking part throughout the weekend.

“With a new cycling route announced to the IRONMAN UK course this year, there will be an opportunity for more residents to enjoy the spectacle in their local area. We look forward to enjoying the races and cheering on the athletes on this weekend of sporting action.”

Dean Smith, IRONMAN UK Race Director, said: “We’re excited to be back in Bolton for what will surely be another memorable year of racing.

"The event wouldn’t be possible without the incredible, unwavering support of Bolton Council and the warm welcome we receive from the town year on year.”