A BARBER is fighting for his life after being diagnosed with cancer at the age of just 33.

Caolan ‘Kal’ Donahue, from Westhoughton, was diagnosed with bowel cancer after experiencing severe migraines just a year after he married his wife Kerrie in a ‘perfect’ ceremony, with their three children by their side.

Kerrie said the devastating diagnosis has turned their lives upside down but said they were ‘blown away’ with the support they had received, in some cases from people they did not know, including someone taking part in Ironman UK.

A fundraising page to help Kal, and his family has raised more than £20,000 and Jayden Sandford will be taking part in the challenging Ironman triathlon in Bolton tomorrow to boost funds further.

Kal was diagnosed with the cancer after collapsing in A&E after going in with an excruciating migraine.

Kerrie said: “It’s hard, it’s been really difficult to process and it still doesn’t feel real to any of us.

“Kal needs to have more treatment before the doctors can really say anything more but he is in stage four now.”

Kerrie added: “Everything was finally fitting into place. We had gone on to buy our first home together, and Kal was working hard to expand his business.

“We’re sticking together as a family and we’re going through it all together. Kal is fighting for his life.

“We only just got married last April and this feels horrible to happen but we’re all supporting each other.

“When the results came back on the April 27 our whole life was completely turned upside-down.

“We were told that that the tumours in his brain were secondary cancer and that the primary source was in his bowel, where they had found a superior size mass which had also spread to his liver and lungs.

“We couldn’t believe what we were hearing, we just didn’t understand. He’s a 33-year-old fit and healthy young man, who eats incredibly well, and we were in complete and utter shock.

“We have three beautiful children who adore him so much. How were we even going to be able to explain this horrendous news?

Kal ran Kals Barbers in Market Street, Westhoughton, but was forced to stop working, though the business remains open.

Kerrie said: “He’s worked all his life and he’s so popular. So many people get their hair cut by him and the other lads who work there are keeping it going for him.

“He isn’t allowed to work but if he could he’d go running back, he loves what he does and wants to be there.

“His courage is so inspiring and I am so proud of how he’s dealing with everything.”

She added: “Jayden is a local lad from Westhoughton. He didn’t know us but he heard about Kal and wanted to do the run for him.

“We’re so blown away by all the support. There’s three go fund me pages now and we’re happy people are so kind to us. It’s really kind of Jayden.”

The family are organising a family fun day at Daisy Hill Cricket Club on July 31.

Donate to support the family here.