Royal Bolton Hospital has told residents that a text message sent out is not fraudulent.

With the increased risk that a text received out of the blue from someone claiming to be a big name company or organisation, NHS Bolton said it felt the need to address any fears of frauds to let people know that a certain text is in fact from them.

A spokesperson for the trust said: "Received a text from NHSBolton that looks a little bit like this? Don't worry, it's legit.

The Bolton News: The text message in questionThe text message in question

"It's our (relatively) new scheme to make sure your appointment info gets to you quickly, efficiently and safely.

"Click the link, enter the pin and your date of birth and you can view your appointment details, as well as confirm/cancel/rebook.

"The website is secure and there's the option to translate it into 100 different languages.

"Don't worry if you, your friends or loved ones haven't given a phone number, as all patients who have not given their mobile number will still get a paper letter.

"And for all those who've got their specs on today, admin name isn't really Dltest-Donotuse. Well, maybe on a Sunday."