Suspected stolen vehicles, caravans and plant machinery were found after police raided a caravan site as part of a major operation.

The site near Moses Gate was raided on as part of Operation Avro, a Greater Manchester wide crackdown on crime that in this case also involved officers from Lancashire, Cheshire and Merseyside Police.

As well as recovering the suspected stolen items, officers were also tackling speeding and dangerous driving all across the borough.

A spokesman for the neighbourhood policing team said: "GMP officers and our drone Unit, supported by Lancashire, Cheshire and Merseyside Police executed a warrant of Hall Lane caravan site today. This visit coincided with a national Rural Crime day of action. Various stolen vehicles, caravans, plant machinery and other items were identified and recovered by police."

Councillors also attended.

The police spokesman said: "Concerns were conveyed regarding the lack of cleanliness, dangerous condition of the children’s communal areas and general state disrepair."

The Bolton News:

A number of stolen vehicles were recovered

Acting District Commander Superintendent Steph Parker said: “Speeding and dangerous drivers will be identified and targeted by us and dealt with appropriately

“We will also take action on any person using any motor vehicle illegally or in an anti-social manner.

“Those vehicles will be seized and removed by us from the streets of Bolton.

Bolton's Operation Avro leads to 'cell's filling up'

Officers took to the streets in Farnworth at around 9.50am on Thursday morning where they began their efforts to stop drivers who appeared to be acting suspiciously.

As a result, a man was arrested for drug driving and a car was seized.

The Bolton News:

Police also arrested a man for drug driving in Farnworth

Officers were on hand armed with speed guns used to monitor how fast drivers were going for much of the rest of the day.

Another traffic operation was set up in Westhoughton while a street briefing was later delivered on Chorley New Road to Cllrs Mudasir Dean and Roger Hayes as well as traffic officers.

The Bolton News:

A car was towed as part of the crackdown on dangerous driving

The officer delivering the briefing said: “We’re action on information, which is the bread and butter of what we do.

“We’re doing a speeding campaign and I know most of you are aware that there’s a great deal of speeding and obviously of the consequences of that, so please get stuck in.”

The Bolton News:

Police deliver a street briefing

Operation Avro was a major operation planned months in advance by Greater Manchester Police that was intended to act as a highly visible crackdown on all kinds of crime across the borough.

A tattoo parlour was been closed after police officers  said they found standards to be inadequate.

Police closed down a tattoo parlour on Chorley Old Road after they said they found the business was operating in unsanitary conditions and allegedley tattooing customers whilst under the influence of drink and drugs.

The officers have seized the tattooing equipment and the parlour is closed.