A ROUND-UP of cases heard by magistrates recently

Unpaid work

MAGISTRATES have ordered a man to do 40 hours of unpaid work after he assaulted a man in Atherton on August 7 last year. Jabir Javid, aged 25, of Willows Lane, Bolton, admitted causing actual bodily harm to John Smith.

Drink driver

MAGISTRATES have banned a man from driving for 12 months after he was caught drink-driving and without a licence or insurance. Askandar Amin, aged 26, of Willows Lane, Bolton, was behind the wheel of a Skoda Octavia on Armadale Road, Bolton, on November 28. He was fined £162.

Drove whilst banned

A MAN has been ordered to have treatment for his mental health after he admitted driving whilst banned. Alan Hutchinson, aged 42, of Blackshaw Lane, Bolton, pleaded guilty to driving a Ford Fiesta on Hanover Street, Bolton, on February 17 whilst disqualified from holding a licence. He also admitted failing to stop for police and having no insurance. He was fined £120, banned from applying for a licence for 12 months and must participate in 20 days of rehabilitation activities.

Name failure

A MAN who failed to name a BMW 320 driver to police on September 23 has been fined £660. Ghoresh Yari, aged 42, of Weldon Avenue, Bolton, was convicted of committing the offence and six points were added to his licence.

Wooden fence

A MAN who failed to remove wooden fencing from the north and east boundaries of his garden has been ordered to pay a total of more than £3,000. Christopher Smith put up the timber fencing around the garden at his Ulleswater Close, Little Lever home, but was ordered to dismantle it and reduce the height by Bolton Council. But he did not do so and so was in breach of enforcement notices issued by the council on December 9, 2020. Smith denied breaching the enforcement notice but was convicted following a trial. He was fined £1,000 and ordered to pay Bolton Council’s costs of £2,068 plus £50 towards funding victim services.

Drug addict sent message

A MAN has been ordered to have treatment for drug addiction after he admitted sending a threatening message to a woman on July 2 last year. Bruce Taylor, aged 32, of Breightmet Fold Lane, Breightmet, was also ordered to participate in 32 days of rehabilitation activities and must pay £180 in costs and charges. A restraining order was made banning him from contacting his victim.

Threatening behaviour

A WOMAN who used threatening behaviour and damaged car tyres on June 10 last year has been sentenced to a conditional discharge for 12 months. Abbie Rhodes, aged 25, of The Hollies, Breightmet, pleaded guilty to committing the offences and was ordered to pay £150 in compensation plus £172 in costs and charges.

Mercedes van

A MAN has been banned from driving for 28 days after he admitted failing to name the driver of a Mercedes van to police on August 9 last year. Joseph Monteiro, aged 42, of Marsden Road, Bolton, was fined £300 but magistrates reduced the length of his driving ban after hearing that he is self-employed, has four young children and his family would suffer financial hardship.

Police assault

MAGISTRATES have fined a man £466 after he assaulted two police officers on March 21. Liam Forsythe, aged 31, of Coniston Avenue, Farnworth, admitted committing the offences.