Prisoners are being given the chance to rebuild their lives and put their mistakes behind them.

David Morgan, from Horwich, has set up a scheme to help those in jail prepare for life once they have been released by helping develop skills to become self-employed.

He was inspired to help those in jail after working with prisoners running courses for them inside.

The Bolton News: David Morgan with LisaDavid Morgan with Lisa

He said: "Before launching Entrepreneurs Unlocked, I spoke with thousands of people in prison who acknowledge that they’ve made mistakes, which they are paying for, and upon release from prison they simply wanted to be given the opportunity to put their mistakes behind them.

“But in the majority of cases they don't have the means, the knowledge, or the understanding of how to do that. 

“This resonated with me, as I believe that people make mistakes, but we shouldn't judge them for that.

"The courts do their job, people get sentenced, and they serve their sentences, but I feel that if a person what's to make a change for the better, I want to be in a position to try to help them do so. 

“Meeting and working with people in prison, I found that there were many people who were really keen to start their own business upon leaving prison, but they didn’t know where to start.”

David currently works at  HMP Thorn Cross, HMP Liverpool, HMP Risley, HMP Hindley, and HMP Buckley Hall, working with men in custody to develop their ideas for self-employment across a variety of sectors including construction, catering, and horticulture.

David worked for more than eight years with prisoners before he decided to launch the project.

He said: “I have met people in all five prisons from the Bolton area and who will be returned to the area on release, and I am currently working with a man from Bolton who is working hard to start work as a self-employed tradesperson, when he leaves prison.

“Enabling people to consider self-employment, whilst in custody or upon release, is an increasingly important and potentially stable pathway for people upon leaving prison.

“People in prison with no idea of how to create a future for themselves, really do need the help that I can give.

“This is why I am so proud of Entrepreneurs Unlocked, and of the help it provides to those who need it.”

The scheme has been praised by Lisa Cheshire, Head of Learning, Skills and Employment, at HMP Thorn Cross.

She said: “The demand for the workshops is already high, with a large number of people already expressing an interest in utilising their skills and talents, recognising that this is a pathway that can enable them to look forward, and not be held back by a lack of employment opportunities, upon release.”