THE popular town centre Oasis-themed bar is to open a new venue.

The Gallagher brothers Paul and Mark opened Definitely Maybe in the former Bergerac’s nightspot in Bolton – just three weeks before the country was plunged into a Covid lockdown in 2020.

The bar was not entitled to the same grants as longer standing businesses and the pair even considered calling it quits.

But now just over a year since the bar reopened after the second lockdown, the two have made plans to expand into The Green Room on Bowkers Road.

The spot would contain 50 to 60 seats, a cocktail bar and an open kitchen.

Paul said it would hope to attract more of an afternoon crowd than the current downstairs bar.

He said: “It will be open at the same time but be more chilled and relaxed.

“We hope to get people in the afternoons out in the sunshine.”

While Paul said the impact of Covid was still being felt he was grateful that the business has survived.

He said: “We got it three weeks before Covid then Boris shut us down.

“I said to my dad who is 72 ‘have you ever known the bars be shut in Bolton.’ “There were grants for live music venues but we did not qualify, we did not have first year’s accounts.

“We did get some council grants.

“There was a couple of times we thought about cutting our losses.

“I do not think we are back to normal.

“There are about 20 to 30 per cent of people who won’t go anywhere in public spaces.

“I think for the next five-to-10 years I don’t think anybody will be fully 100 per cent.

“The problem in this town is people are out on one night which is Saturday.

“When I was younger it was Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.”

But the 42-year-old, of Breightmet, has praised the live music scene.

He said: “There is some real talent in this town and neighbouring towns.

“We have had people from St Helens, Bury and Burnley.

“I think in lockdown people really missed it.”

He also said he hoped to see the reputation of Nelson Square improved.

He said: “The Circle Bar has been bought by the owners of Level Night Cub and they are doing that up.

“Between them, us, the Court House and the Northern Monkey there could be a good vibe to this side of town.”