A DJ and MC from Bolton is putting on a music event to help raise money for his daughters epilepsy medication and other charities.

Andrew Gidney, originally from The Haulgh and also know by his stage name Aggz as part of the collective Maximes & Monroes, discovered that his daughter Lottie had epilepsy when she was three years old.

Now aged eight, Lottie has been in and out of hospital since then, and having exhausted the NHS’s resources to no avail, Andrew says it is now “last chance saloon” with the health service’s treatment before they start seeking private treatment to help with the condition.

The Bolton News: Andrew's daughter, LottieAndrew's daughter, Lottie

Not only will the money from the event help pay for Lottie’s treatment, but there are several other charities close to Andrew’s heart that will also benefit.

He said: “We don’t want it to all be about Lottie though. Our good friend’s son, Carson, passed away a couple of years ago from heart complications.

“Alder Hey helped Carson extend his life, and Lottie has been there too, and they’ve helped her. Healing Little Hearts helped Carson too along his path.

“We just want to spread awareness for what they do and also put some money in their pockets.

“No one knows about epilepsy.”

The Bolton News: The event flyer including the line up, Lottie and CarsonThe event flyer including the line up, Lottie and Carson

Andrew believes that one of the lesser considered issues for children suffering with illness is what they miss out on socially.

“Lottie can’t go to her friends’ houses because their parents are scared to have her in case she has a fit,” he said.

“What we’d really like to do is offer them a day out for the children. Take them to Alton Towers or something. Because these charities don’t have enough funding and they can’t offer these things.”

The event, Andrew says, will be “incomparable to anything Maximes & Monroes have had before”.

The Bolton News: Andrew 'Aggz' Gidney DJingAndrew 'Aggz' Gidney DJing

“All my friends who work in the music industry have said they want to help out because they can’t imagine what we’re going through.”

The event will take place at Truth Nightclub located in Bolton’s Nelson Square on Saturday, August 6. Doors will open at 9pm and it will finish at 4am. Tickets are available via Skiddle.

All the money will be split between Lottie’s medical expenses and the charities Young Epilepsy, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and Healing Little Hearts.