Boris Johnson defied calls to resign despite a fresh wave of ministerial resignations, a scathing attack by former Cabinet minister Sajid Javid and signs that support on the Tory backbenches is ebbing away.

At Prime Minister’s Questions, Mr Johnson said the “colossal mandate” he had been handed by voters in 2019 means he should keep going despite the “difficult circumstances” he faces.

Bolton residents have given their thoughts on whether the PM should go and stay.

Tamara Linekar, aged 69, from Horwich, said: “The only thing I’ve found what he did is the partygate when people were having to abide to all the restrictions and rules I found that really upsetting disturbing.

“With Ukraine I feel he has helped a lot with that, my parents were both Ukrainian.”

But on being told the extent of the Chris Pincher situation, Tamara said:

The Bolton News: Chris Stokes is unsure who would replace the prime ministerChris Stokes is unsure who would replace the prime minister

“Is he okay for our country I would say no, he needs to go, but that’s just my opinion.”

Chris Stokes, aged 40, from Tonge Fold said: “I think they’ve known about it, I think they’ll get away with it or start flinging mud at one another.

“Usually these sort of things like partygate and Grenfell, they know that it’s going on.

“Rarely anyone is held to account.”

Chris added: “He should be held responsible for it. But do I think he should go?

The Bolton News: Emma Young thinks the prime minister should go Emma Young thinks the prime minister should go

“It’s easy to say he should go but it’s not as easy to find a person who would take his place.

“I think at the moment the party is in disarray.”

Emma Young, aged 38, from Astley Bridge, said: “It seems the general public have lost trust in him with the coronavirus parties.

“I don’t believe a word he says anymore, though not that I did before.

“He should go but who are we going to get in his place though. That’s the thing, we had May before and now Boris, who is next?

The Bolton News: Abdoolah Sanei is not fond of the prime ministerAbdoolah Sanei is not fond of the prime minister

“You’ve just got to stand by and watch.”  

Abdoolah Sanei, aged 72, said:“I don’t like Boris Johnson. I think he knows about the problems before.”

On  asked if he should leave office, Abdoolah said: “Yes and yes.”