The shortage of affordable homes in Bolton is being tackled with new builds and acquiring homes from private housebuilders.

Under the scheme 178 affordable homes will be ready by October allowing people stay in the area where they have family and friends.

Bolton at Home is behind the work to bring more affordable homes on to the market in the areas where they are needed the most.

They include Breightmet, Farnworth, Kearsley and Radcliffe.

The housing provider’s development programme has seen 62 new builds handed over to residents within the last month, and another 116 properties are nearing completion. T The properties will be home to individuals and families needing suitable places to live and in areas where they have local connections Bolton at Home and its development partners are directly building 138 of the total number, with 40 acquired from private housebuilders under section 106 agreements.

Most of the new homes will be made available for affordable rent, with some properties provided for shared ownership.

Affordable rent is defined as up to a maximum of 80 per cent of the market rental value in a local area.

Jon Lord, Group Chief Executive Officer of Bolton at Home, said: “We’re providing new homes in places where we know that demand for affordable properties outstrips supply. Therefore, these new affordable homes are vital to help prevent people and families from living in overcrowded homes and to lessen the risk of people becoming homeless.

“The homes will help more people to stay in the areas where they have local connections, keeping families together and communities strong. They also generate more social value by supporting construction jobs and boosting local economies.”

The sites where new homes are completing in the coming weeks include Withins Drive in Breightmet, and Campbell Street and Barton Road in Farnworth. New homes at the former Kearsley social club site in Manchester Road, Kearsley will complete in October.

Of the homes Bolton at Home is acquiring from private housebuilders, 25 are in Bolton and 15 are across Leigh, Leyland, and Preston.

Daniela has just moved into a new-build property in Breightmet with her two children. She said: “I’ve been looking for a home for 18 months and living in temporary accommodation for the last 12 months. I’m so grateful to be moving into a three-bedroom property as I had been sharing a bedroom with my youngest child. It’s great the kids now have a room of their own and this is also the first time in years we’ve lived in a house with a garden.”

In addition to the new homes completing this summer, Bolton at Home started work earlier this year on other new-build developments that will deliver 168 new homes including the Lever Gardens extra care scheme in Little Lever and sites at Singleton Avenue and Rivington Chase in Horwich.

The developments will provide homes for affordable rent, shared ownership, and supported living. Bolton at Home also continues to invest in existing homes.

Jon Lord added: “We don’t do new build at the expense of existing properties. We spend around £43 million each year on tenants’ homes which ensures we can continue improving homes and neighbourhoods.”

Those looking for an affordable home in Bolton are encouraged to register and make bids for available properties via the Homes for Bolton website.

More information about Bolton at Home’s shared ownership properties is available on the Stonecross Homes website.