The manager of a borough fire station has put out a plea for residents to stop double parking on narrow streets.

Firefighters from Farnworth Fire Station have had trouble traversing narrow streets while attending recent emergencies, which has prompted them to put out a plea to the public.

Farnworth Fire Station Manager Carl Haslam said: “Following several recent issues encountered by Farnworth fire crews in their local area, we are urging people not to double park on narrow streets and always leave enough space for a fire engine to pass through.

“When parking your vehicles, we ask that you are mindful of the space needed for a large vehicle, such as a fire engine, to pass through.

The Bolton News: Farnworth Fire StationFarnworth Fire Station

“We also ask that you don’t park too close to the junction of a road to give fire engines, and other large vehicles, the space they need to turn.

“Seconds really do count in emergency situations and delays and diversions could have devastating consequences.”

Karen Langhorn, crew manager at Farnworth Fire Station, added “We’ve had a couple of issues with parking going through Farnworth.

“I understand how it can be hard to find places to park, but we’ll be going to go down a street and realise that we can’t get down there.”