Children from primary schools across Bolton attended a day of fun as they gave and listened to presentations.

Around 500 children from 10 different schools in Farnworth attended the collaborative presentation, #FarnworthMatters, at Bolton School on Wednesday, July 13.

Children and teachers from Kearsley West, St Peter’s, St James, St John’s, St Gregory’s, Highfield, All Saints, Cherry Tree, The Ferns and Queensbridge primary schools attended the event.

The children listened to talks from former 110m hurdles athlete Andy Turner and poet Oliver Lomax, as well as local training provider Grow Your Mindset, and representatives from the schools gave presentations on a famous Boltonian and the importance of showing pride in where they’re from.

Head teacher of Kearsley West Primary School and principal organiser of the event, Jackie Fitton, said: “This is a collaboration to allow children to work together rather than as separate schools to raise aspirations.

“Allowing them to participate in positive day and showing the importance of a growth mindset and bringing the schools together.

“It also allowed them to collaborate rather than be on their own. They’ve done activities like careers fairs where they linked up with other schools.

The Bolton News: Grow Your Mindset have been working with the children in separate sessionsGrow Your Mindset have been working with the children in separate sessions

“We wanted children to be proud of where they come from and aspire to their future.”

Lisa Belfield, headteacher of St James Primary School, said: “Our year five staff have done brilliant job of working collaboratively with other schools, putting on exciting events for children to take part in.

“Now our children have really benefitted from the experiences.

“One of the events our children really enjoyed was the careers fair.

The Bolton News: Local poet Oliver Lomax also gave a talk and recited poems to the childrenLocal poet Oliver Lomax also gave a talk and recited poems to the children

“I think because there’s been some interaction, some humour, some aspiration with some local Boltonians who’ve gone on to achieve wonderful things, it’s really good for our kids.”

Gemma Sanchez of Grow Your Mindset, who were present at the presentation, added: “We’ve delivered four sessions to each class involved in Farnworth about mindset resilience.

“We organised live visits for the children to Warburtons. Had other things held back because of Covid.

“It’s all about them changing the way they think and their thoughts going on in their heads.

“It’s about them believing they can change their mindset and having that self-belief.”

Grow Your Mindset, who are based in Bury, work with schools, businesses and organisations to give people realistic mindset improvement and development.