Bolton's scrap tycoon is back on TV this week to show the nation how to turn old metal in to hard cash.

Terry Walker, whose show Scrappers became a huge hit on the BBC, is back with a new series Scrapyard Dynasty on Tuesday at 9pm on Quest.

Terry told The Bolton News: "It’s brilliant, it’s been great but tiring you know, and of course we enjoy it and we’re looking forward to seeing it all again.

 “The producers came up from London and we set it up on a big screen to watch it together.

“It’s funny and different, there isn’t anything like this I’ve seen on TV before and now we’re worldwide on Quest.

“I can’t wait to see what the rest of the world thinks of it."

“Lyndsay and I do loads of things together, but you’ll have to wait and see. It’s quite funny watching it all back now

“We’ve had messages of support and people had been asking when the show would be back and who knows after this how many more we will film in the future.”

The Bolton News:

The head of the family, cheeky chappy Terry built his business up from scratch over three decades ago into one of the biggest scrapyards in the north, and has no plans to slow down any time soon.

Terry said: “I think this series is personal and educational at the same time. It really shows what the business is like and how we run it behind the scenes.”

Viewers can watch Terry treat his wife of 37 years Lyndsay to a new ‘lab’ diamond ring as anniversary present, helped by profits he made from the scrapping of a Toyota Corolla.

Terry tells the show: “Our Lyndsay, she's put up with a lot over the years, you know, with me not being very good at buying presents for her. But this time, with it coming up to our 37 year anniversary, I'm going to buy her something that she's going to be really happy with. It’ll knock her socks off. I'm thinking jewellery, like a diamond ring or something of that nature."

He adds: “But the thing is, I’ve got to earn the money first to pay for it.”



The Bolton News:
The head of the family. Cheeky chappy Terry built his business up from scratch over three decades ago into one of the biggest scrapyards in the north, and has no plans to slow down any time soon!
“I would work every hour god sends for my family. Obviously I want Jemma and Jon to take over and go forward in the future. But there’s no rush!”

Terry’s wife of 37 years Lyndsay has been with him every step of the way.

Having met at 13, they make a great partnership.

“Terry has a real good knack of making money, but he does make mistakes. If it wasn’t for me, we’d have definitely gone under, 100 per cent.”
Lyndsay and Terry don’t always see eye-to-eye. Principally, as Lyndsay is keen to retire and hand on the business to Jemma & Jon, but can’t see husband Terry letting go of the reins.
“We’ve been here 35 years now and I’ll be so happy when Jemma and Jon take over. God knows whether he will ever stop. I’ll be dead by the time we retire!”

Terry’s son Jon has been visiting the yard since 10 years old, and is set to take over the business once his dad finally hangs up his hi-vis jacket – the pressure is on to prove his worth in stepping up to the plate.
“If my dad put me in charge of the yard, I’d say ‘nice one, no problem’. I’d run it!”
“He always says to me ‘yes Jon, my favourite son.’ I think… ‘I’m your only son… what other sons have you got?’ He always takes the mickey like that.

Eldest daughter Jemma works in the office in accounts with mum Lyndsay, and brings her louder than life character to work each day.
Terry says: “Jemma – she’s not changed a bit. I remember she was two and I’d say to her ‘come on, get out of the bath’ and she’d say ‘go away you toerag’."


Scrapyard Dynasty comes to Quest on Tuesday 19th July, 9pm. Also available to stream on Discovery+.