Results of this year's GP Patient Survey are in ­and reveal what patients think about their doctor.

The GP Patient Survey 2022 asked people about their experience across a variety of areas.

These included how satisfied they were with available times, how easy it was to get in touch with the GP on the phone and whether they were given a time for a last appointment.

How surgeries in Bolton performed in the GP Patient Survey 2022:

RESULTS: Percentage of patients who rated their overall experience as good.

Halliwell Surgery 2: 91%

Edgworth Medical Centre: 91%

Fig Tree Medical Practice: 90%

Tonge Fold Health Centre: 89%

Mandalay Medical Centre: 88%

Farnworth Family Practice: 88%

The Oaks Family Practice: 88%

Edgerton/Dunscar Health Centre: 84%

Dr M Dakshina-Murthi: 84%

Bradford Street Surgery: 84%

The Dunstan Partnership: 84%

Burnside Surgery: 81%

Pikes Lane 1: 81%

Dr Malthotra & Partners: 81%

St Helens Road Practice: 79%

Halliwell Surgery 3: 78%

Halliwell Surgery 1: 78%

Bolton Community Practice: 78%

The Alastair Ross Medical Practice: 77%

Bolton General Practice: 75%

Dr Earnshaw And Partners: 75%

Wyresdale Road Surgery: 73%

Deane Clinic 1: 73%

Crompton View Surgery: 73%

Little Lever Health Centre 2: 73%

Deane Medical Centre: 72%

Heaton Medical Centre: 72%

Stable Fold Surgery: 70%

Spring House Surgery: 70%

Stonehill Medical Centre: 70%

Unsworth Group Practice: 68%

Charlotte Street Surgery: 67%

Dalefield Surgery: 66%

Harwood Medical Centre: 64%

Swan Lane Medical Centre: 64%

Cornerstone Surgery: 62%

3D Medical Centre: 62%

Spring View Medical Centre: 62%

Al Fal Medical Group: 61%

Kildonan House: 61%

Orient House Medical Centre: 60%

Lever Chambers 2: 59%

Great Lever One: 57%

Olive Family Practice: 56%

Little Lever Health Centre 1: 56%

Kearsley Medical Centre: 56%

Beehive Surgery: 55 %

Bolton Medical Centre: 44%

Shanti Medical Centre: 36%

The national average is 72 per cent.

The Halliwell II Surgery, located on Lindfield Drive, Halliwell, scored highly across a range of metrics.

It had 91 per cent of patients finding it easy to contact the GP on the phone and 90 per cent were satisfied with the times available.

Doctor Manu Jeyam, a senior practice, said a small team who had done the role for a number of years was the key to it success.

She said: “I think the reason is that we are a small practice and we have got a really good team.

“If things are not going well we will work out why problems are happening.

“We have got staff who have been here for 15 to 20 years.

“Our practice manager recently celebrated 25 years here.

“One of our receptionists has been here 20 years.”

The Bolton Medical Centre came in second from last in the area overall with 44 per cent rating their experience as good.

Only 22 per cent said it was easy to get hold of them on the phone and 42 per cent were satisfied with the experience offered.

Andy Scaife, CEO of SSP Health responded on behalf of the surgery: “Whilst we are disappointed by this rating, it should be recognised that this survey was carried out earlier this year at the tail end of severe pressures caused by Covid across the entirety of healthcare.

"These pressures continue to impact.

"Since that time, we have made some key changes to ensure we are providing the best service possible to our patients.

"Whilst only 18 per cent, 132 people, ​of those questioned completed the survey, 745 were sent, we value every piece of feedback we receive. 

"Our patients are our top priority and so we are heavily investing and actively putting plans in place to upgrade our call handling abilities so that our patients can get in touch with us more easily.

"We also now have more robust systems in place to gather patient experience feedback on a daily basis, allowing us to swiftly review our ways of working and make changes when necessary. 

"Since taking the decision to implement these changes, we have received over 200 four star patient reviews on google in the last six months alone showing that these changes are beginning to have the desired positive impact."

This is how the Bolton GPs were ranked in terms of people being satisfied with the amount of time given for their last appointment.

The Bolton News:

The Oaks Family Practice: 96%

Dalefield Surgery: 96%

Halliwell Surgery 2: 95%

Tonge Fold Health Centre: 95%

Mandalay Medical Centre: 94%

Pikes Lane 1: 93% 

Bolton Community Practice: 93%

Edgworth Medical Centre: 91%

Farnworth Family Practice: 91%

Fig Tree Medical Practice: 91%

Bradford Street Surgery: 90%

Dr M Dakshina-Murthi: 88%

The Dunstan Partnership: 88%

Edgerton/Dunscar Health Centre: 87%

The Alastair Ross Medical Practice: 87%

Wyresdale Road Surgery: 86%

Stable Fold Surgery: 86%

Kildonan House: 86%

Deane Medical Centre: 85%

Harwood Medical Centre: 85%

Crompton View Surgery: 84%

Burnside Surgery: 84%

Dr Malthotra & Partners: 83%

Deane Clinic 1: 83%

Stonehill Medical Centre: 83%

Little Lever Health Centre 2: 82%

Unsworth Group Practice: 82%

Spring House Surgery: 82%

St Helens Road Practice: 80%

Heaton Medical Centre: 79%

Halliwell Surgery 3: 79%

Kearsley Medical Centre: 79%

Cornerstone Surgery: 78%

Spring View Medical Centre: 78%

Dr Earnshaw And Partners: 77%

Bolton General Practice: 76%

Halliwell Surgery 1: 76%

Swan Lane Medical Centre: 76%

Al Fal Medical Group: 74%

Charlotte Street Surgery: 71%

Beehive Surgery: 71%

3D Medical Centre: 71%

Orient House Medical Centre: 70%

Olive Family Practice: 70%

Lever Chambers 2: 69%

Little Lever Health Centre 1: 69%

Great Lever One: 68%

Shanti Medical Centre: 55%

Bolton Medical Centre: 52%

And this is how the surgeries ranked for answering the phone.

Halliwell Surgery 2: 91%

Bradford Street Surgery: 91% 

Little Lever Health Centre 2: 90%

Halliwell Surgery 1: 86%

Edgworth Medical Centre: 85%

Fig Tree Medical Centre: 83%

Tonge Fold Health Centre: 78%

Dr M Dakshina-Murthi: 77%

Farnworth Family Practice: 76%

Halliwell Surgery 3: 75%

Mandalay Medical Centre: 75%

Deane Medical Centre: 74%

Wyresdale Road Surgery: 74%

Burnside Surgery: 74%

Cornerstone Surgery: 73%

Deane Clinic 1: 72%

The Dunstan Partnership: 72%

Spring House Surgery: 69%

St Helens Road Practice: 69%

The Oaks Family Practice: 65%

Orient House Medical Centre: 64%

Dr Malthora & Partners: 63%

Beehive Surgery: 62%

Edgerton/Dunscar Health Centre: 58%

Charlotte Street Surgery: 56%

Spring View Medical Centre: 55%

Dr Earnshaw and Partners: 53%

Al Fal Medical Group: 53%

Great Lever One: 51%

Bolton General Practice: 50%

Little Lever Health Centre 1: 49%

Swan Lane Medical Centre: 49%

The Alastair Ross Medical Practice: 45%

Olive Family Practice: 45%

3D Medical Centre: 44%

Bolton Community Practice: 43%

Heaton Medical Centre: 42%

Pikes Lane 1: 42%

Dalefield Surgery: 40%

Lever Chambers 2: 36%

Stonehill Medical Centre: 35%

Crompton View Surgery: 34%

Harwood Medical Centre: 31%

Kearsley Medical Centre: 31%

Stable Fold Surgery: 24%

Unsworth Group Practice: 22%

Bolton Medical Centre: 22%

Shanti Medical Centre: 21%

Kildonan Hosue: 19%