Fans have been flying off the shelves in Astley Bridge, as Bolton has experienced highs of 37 °C today, Tuesday, during an extreme heatwave.

It comes as temperatures breached 40C in the UK for the first time today amid the continued heatwave.

Mohamed Kapasi, owner of Kapasi One Stop Shop, says that while a lot of people have been on the hunt for fans and paddling pools since temperatures increased, there are a lot of people looking for air coolers or air conditioning units.

He added: “A lot of people are looking for more air coolers or air conditioning units.

“They are quite expensive, but as the demand increases this should become more affordable.

“In this weather fans can end up blowing hot air, but you don’t get that with the air coolers or air conditioning.

The Bolton News: Mohammed Kapasi with his wife staying coolMohammed Kapasi with his wife staying cool

“You can see the affects of the heat here too.

“It’s normally London and down south that experience hotter weather, but it’s the whole country.

“A lot want to have paddling pools to cool down, especially at the weekends when the kids are off.

“This type of weather has been unbearable.”

Mohamed said that customers are coming in for anything to help keep them cool, including water balloons.

He did however explain that stock has been an issue due to importing many of the products.

Mohamed added: “It has been hard to get stock.

“But we always plan in advance a lot and we always have stock.”

The Bolton News: Despite empty spaces Kapasi's still offer a wide range of fansDespite empty spaces Kapasi's still offer a wide range of fans

Kapasi’s, which was established for over 30 years, has also experienced an increase in fan sales due to many of the superstores selling out, Mohamed says.

He also explained that he is anticipating more people buying air coolers and air conditioning units as the hot weather is expected to become more frequent.

The Met Office earlier revealed that the UK had experienced its warmest night on record on Monday, with temperatures remaining in the mid-20s, meaning an uncomfortable sleep for many.

Climate change, which has pushed up global temperatures by 1.2C on pre-industrial levels, is making heatwaves longer, more intense and more likely.

Experts have warned of the need to adapt homes, cities and infrastructure in the UK for a future of more intense summer heat.

Hot air from Europe is contributing to the extreme heat in Britain, with a searing heatwave baking much of the continent, fuelling fierce wildfires in France and Spain.

Tomorrow in Bolton will be no where near as hot as today or Monday, but it will still remain fairly warm, with the town expected to see between 17°C and 19 °C for most of the day tomorrow.