A body piercer in Bolton is preparing to hold an event for the town’s Pride celebrations – and says they are working to create a safer place for LGBT people.

Adrienne Wood owns Pricklez Piercing, which they run out of The Painted Man studio in the centre of Bolton.

For a year now they have been working to create a safe place for the LGBT community and hope to spread the message when Pride comes to the town.

The 26-year-old said: “A lot of out customers are in the community.

“On social media I am very very busy, I make a post about LGBT issues maybe five times a week.

“Our priority is a safe place for people to come and be pierced and tattooed.

"The owner is straight but he is all over LGBT issues."

During Pride the studio will host a party.

There will be food and drink, two for £60 on cartilage piercings, a tattoo flash day with four guests.

They will also be joined by drag queen Ellie Ganza.

Money raised from the day will go to Stonewall.

And Ms Wood said the work as part of an effort to improve the world for LGBT people.

They said: “Bolton is one of the biggest towns in Europe and there are probably a lot of closeted gays, too worried to come out.

“The world is going to change.

“Things are going to chance when millennials get older.

“We are the products of our environment, people are clouded, they need education.”

But they also say in a year they have only had one piece of negative feedback.

She said: “I have had one single comment which got written on a post about kids.

“That has been the only negative comment.

“We would say to any haters come down and meet these people.

“They will see we are no different to you we just love someone who looks slightly different to normal.”