Young girls have given their clockroom a huge makeover which sweeps away sterotypes and is designed to inspire.

Mytham Primary pupils Maddy Gilkey, Emily Taylor, Skyla Hales, Ava Delvard, Chloe Hill and Mia Wootton - all in Year Six - decided that their school bathroom reflected outdated stereotypes representing women, for example being painted in pink.

Headteacher Angela Bogle was more than happy to support them, while photographer Janine Taylor was on hand to lend her skills.

Mrs Bogle said: “They came to see me and were full of ideas not only did they want to change the colour but they were also keen to create a piece of art work which would remind the girls,who used the bathroom, that they can be strong, brave, creative, confident.

“They also said that they would raise the money themselves for the work to be done and even offered to do the painting!

The Bolton News:

The display will now remain as a legacy of the work the girls have done

“A compromise was reached, and it was decided that we would keep the shocking pink cubicles but have the walls painted in shades of neutral grey.”

The girls organised a bake sale to raise funds and ended up putting £141.50 towards the redecoration.

The final touch was completed by Little Lever based photographer Jenine Taylor.

The Bolton News:

Little Lever photographer Jenine Taylor helped the girls with their design 

Mrs Bogle said: “Jenine has done some beautiful work with us before and was offering to do a photography club with groups of children.

“It was then that the idea was born to create a photographic representation of what makes girls unique and so the Go Girl Legacy project Leavers 2022 began.”

She added: “The resulting picture is stunning and really captures the personality of these girls.”

The picture was unveiled at the school’s year six leavers assembly and the girls took the opportunity to thank everyone who had supported them.

Ms Bogle said: “There is a second version of the picture and this will go in a central place in the school to remind not only girls but boys as well of the famous words of Coco Chanel; ‘A girl should be two things who and what she wants!”