A special educational needs and disability (SEND) school in Farnworth has been rated ‘outstanding’ again after its latest inspection.

Green Fold School on Highfield Road has achieved the top rating that education watchdog Ofsted can award, maintaining its outstanding status that it first received in 2009.

It caters for primary school students, aged 4 to 11, with complex educational needs and/or disabilities, who are said to benefit from the “expertise of well-trained staff who understand their needs”.

Included among the impressive outcomes from the inspection was the behaviour of the students and the intervention of staff when students become distressed, well established and clear routines which help the students feel safe and happy, and students being confident in making their own choices as a result of methods of communication catered to each individual.

Inspectors were particularly impressed with how reading is being taught at the school.

The report said: “Staff make effective use of carefully chosen resources and technology to foster a love of reading in all pupils.

"Teachers often capture pupils’ interest in new learning through sharing information books, stories, songs and rhymes with them.

"Pupils are curious to find out more.

“Staff are experts in teaching pupils to read.”

Andrew Feeley, executive head teacher of The Orchards Federation under which Green Fold operates, said that the continued high standards the school is setting is “down to the excellent dedication of our wonderful staff and teachers - Mr Gary Anders and his team”.

He added: “Green Fold continues to offer a good deal to its children and prepares them for their futures.

“The Orchard Federation is a group of schools dedicated to doing the best for Bolton.”

Her Majesty’s Inspector Claire Cropper and Ofsted Inspectors Claire Hollister and Paul Edmondson did say in their report, however, that “the evidence gathered suggests that the inspection grade might not be as high if a full inspection were carried out now”.

They added that they had particular concern that “leaders are not clear about what they want pupils to learn about in the foundation curriculum".

"This means that staff are not as well equipped to deliver these areas of learning as they are in the core curriculum.

“Leaders need to ensure that teachers understand what leaders want pupils to learn in each aspect of the wider curriculum.

"This will help teachers to design learning that supports pupils to build up their knowledge and deepen their understanding of these aspects over time.”