LOVE was in the ocean rather than the air for this happy couple.

For Mark Scollon and Diane Farrimond got engaged during a recent holiday - while they were scuba diving above a shipwreck.

It marked the latest chapter in their unconventional relationship; the couple met two years ago over the internet and have been head-over-heels for each other since.

Now they are looking forward to planning the big day, which they hope will be next year.

Ms Farrimond, a 39-year-old legal secretary, said she was delighted by the proposal. She said: "It was absolutely fantastic. I was shocked but delighted. Being proposed to a the side of a shipwreck was really romantic."

The couple, along with Ms Farrimond's son, 19-year-old Craig, had flown to the resort of Puerto Rico in Gran Canaria earlier this month to escape the winter weather.

They are both members of Bolton Area Divers, based at the Brownlow industrial estate, and had scheduled a dive during their stay.

Mr Scollon, aged 38, said: "I thought about it while we were out there. We both like diving and I thought it would be nice to do something a bit different.

He admitted to having some nerves before hand, but decided he would pop the question, after mentioning his plans to Ms Farrimond's son.

The boat took them to an area of the Atlantic above a shipwreck and Mr Scollon took the plunge.

He said: "It was only my second dive in the ocean and I was proposing to Diane. I landed on my knee and then got her attention by grabbing her hand.

"I pointed at her, grabbed her left and made a ring shape round her wedding finger with my fingers. Then I pointed to myself.

"At first she just shrugged her shoulders so I did it again and she gave me the "ok" sign.

"I was ecstatic. I was enjoying the dive and she had agreed to marry me."

The couple, of Tyldesley Road, Atherton, celebrated that night with a few drinks with fellow divers.

They are hoping to get married some time next year but want to enjoy their engaged first.