A young man violently attacked his then girlfriend and injured, a court heard.

Adam Francis, 23 of Copthorne Drive, Bolton, had been in a relationship with his victim for four years.

He attacked her on two separate occasions.

Bolton Crown Court heard how one such incident occurred on January 21 this year.

Duncan Willock, prosecuting, said: “He saw a text message appear on her mobile phone and he went into a rage.”

Mr Willock told the court how Francis had sat on top of his partner before getting of and back on again before eventually police were called.

The victim was left with bruising but did not sustain ‘lasting injuries.’

Mr Willock also explained how on another occasion between June and July last year an argument escalated after Francis began calling his partner names, she retaliated and pushed him and he then put her in a headlock and tried to hit her in the face.

She had decided not to supply a victim impact statement, but the court heard how she was no longer in a relationship with Francis.

Jimmy Valik, defending, admitted that Francis did not “seek to deny that this is a serious offence” but pointed out that he has suffered from serious mental health issues and has no previous convictions.

Mr Valik argued that, his crimes against his ex-partner aside, Francis was essentially a ‘decent man’ who was unlikely to commit any further offences and that a jail sentence would not be necessary.

The Honorary Recorder of Bolton Judge Martin Walsh accepted that Francis deserved credit for his guilty plea and for his lack of a criminal record but said that assaults like these were still serious crimes.

He said: “Any assault in the context of a domestic relationship is taken seriously by the courts.”

Judge Walsh sentenced Francis to a two-year community order with 35 rehabilitation requirement days.

He also made him subject to a restraining order for two years forbidding Francis from coming within 100 metres or trying to contact his former partner.