Plans have been put forward to knock down a Ramsbottom sawmill and build several houses.

The five houses would be situated just off Spring Street and Caltha Street close to the town centre and directly behind the row of houses on Bolton Street, which is where the sawmill and an outbuilding, also set to be demolished under the plans., currently stand.

The houses will have three bedrooms and be three storeys high with gardens and parking space too, if the proposals are given the green light.

One objection raised concerns over traffic and more noise among other worries.

The objection said: “This will be too much traffic down an unadopted road considering the size of the entrance to assess (sic) the site via the lane, Caltha Street, which is already in need of resurfacing and despite the heavy trucks needed to bring goods to build the houses, the amount of extra cars will cause this lane to become worst.

“That is even if there is only one car per house.

“Our row of houses will have to put up with loud noise levels, being overlooked, dust and dirt floating about.

“Why three stories high? Also, we own six feet out from our property behind the fence and I am sure that the increase in traffic will cause difficulties.

“Also, I am extremely unhappy about the waste disposal.

“The bins are directly behind my house and five houses worth of rubbish will bring rodents.

“Bearing in mind the council bin wagons do not come down Caltha street to empty our wheelie bins now.”

Around two trees would have to be felled before work could commence and tree protective fencing would be put in place to protect any other trees nearby while the development was being constructed.

The date when a decision will be made has not yet been determined.