A Westhoughton councillor has aired his frustrations as the council will not replace broken and old benches in the area which are vital for older residents who need somewhere to stop when they are out.

Cllr David Wilkinson has shared his thoughts over broken benches in his area, which are being left broken or removed rather than repaired or replaced.

On a social media post, Cllr Wilkinson said the benches of Westhoughton are another cut the council is making.

He said there are several benches across the area which are in ‘very poor condition’ and Bolton Council have said they will not replace them.

Speaking to The Bolton News, Cllr Wilkinson said: “The benches of Westhoughton, another cut.

“There is a number of public benches across Westhoughton which are in very poor condition and Bolton Council have said they will not replace them.

“A lot of the benches we are talking about are across Westhoughton.

“They are benches which were put in by Westhoughton Urban District Council back in the day.

“Now there is a lot of work that needs doing to them, due to broken wood and split concrete frames.

“In some cases, the original concrete frames are split or broken so they are unsafe.

“We have asked people what they feel about the benches and people have been asking for them to be replaced or repaired.

“The benches are owned by the highways side of the council and when we asked about Church Street, they said they are removing it.

“They cannot replace or repair it.

“There are a couple of benches in Daisy Hill too.

“One bench the woodwork has deteriorated and on another the concrete frame has split.

“I have had confirmation that the one with the split concrete will be removed while the other will be repaired.

“We are trying to get answers from the council about the benches and we are looking to replace them or see if they will be taken away.

“We will look into it for residents to see if there are alternative ways to get them replaced or repaired and we will look at other places where people think benches would be useful.

“Some people can’t walk far, they need a break and to sit down, there are older residents who would benefit, and public benches are a useful thing for people who need them.

“I am hoping to get this resolved and to see if there are other areas, we could put them.”

In response, a spokesperson for Bolton Council said: “Damaged benches can be reported using the contact details on the council website.

“Officers will assess if damage can be repaired, or if the bench needs to be removed on safety grounds.

“Where funding can be identified, benches will be replaced.”