A resident from Breightmet has hit out over the cost and difficullty of getting a bigger wheelie bin which is desperately needed by a former 101-year-old mayoress who has medical needs.

Mick Murphy says that his godmother and second cousin Lily Gallagher from Farnworth was fit and able until about a month ago when she developed four pressure lesions.

This meant that she had to start having five visits from carers a day, which has resulted in the grey bin now overflowing due to the number of medical items used daily to care for Lily.

And Mr Murphy says a bigger bin is needed.

He added: “They took some of it away yesterday (Thursday 28 June), but it fills up every four days due to her being bed ridden at the moment.

“It is then only collected every two weeks.

“The council have said that it is a £30 charge for the bin to be audited, which could take up to three weeks.

“I find it absolutely disgusting that they can’t waver a fee.

“She is a 101 and has done a lot for the country during the war where she was shipped to Blackpool to work on the spitfire on a milling machine for three years, as well as being mayoress.

“I think she deserves a bit better.”

Some of the items that are used daily include dressings, PPE, gloves, and masks.

Lily served as mayoress in Farnworth from 1949-1950.

He added: “I feel sorry for anyone in this situation.

“I understand that things have changed, but she did a lot for everybody and always looked after people all her life, and I will fight for her.”

Mick has looked after Lily for over 20 years, and says he is happy to care for her.

He also says that he could organise for this to be sorted, but that it’s the principal of paying the fee, and the potential of having to wait so long for the bin to be audited.

A spokesperson for Bolton Council said: “Households that meet certain criteria, including residents with health conditions, can request a waste audit visit form the council.
“If a larger grey bin is required, then a standard administration and delivery fee is applied.”