Debris was left strewn across a road this morning after a crash.

Dramatic pictures show the aftermath of the smash near Abbey Lane.

It is understood a vehicle hit a parked car and crashed into an electrical power station.

The incident was said to have happened at around 6am.

It appears at this stage that just one car was being driven at the time while the other damaged vehicle was stationary.

An eyewitness who was passing by at the time said: “At 6/6.30am this morning, driver ran off.

“Hit an electrical power box and a parked car, debris everywhere.”

A photograph from the scene shows that what appears to be a white Audi was badly damaged, while a second dark blue car has been done somewhat less serious damage.

As the witness explained, there is debris strewn across the ground as a result of the crash from both of the cars and the power box.

A police car with flashing blue lights can be seen in the background.

Neither Atherton nor Hindley Fire Stations, which cover the area had reported being called to the incident and no injuries have as yet been reported.

Greater Manchester Police have been approached for comment.

Anyone with any information can call 101.