If you haven't played the TikTok viral quiz 'What Little Miss Are You?', here's your sign.

If you have been scrolling on social media in the last month or so, you will have no doubt come across the endless 'Little Miss' memes on your feeds. 

Originally, the Little Miss characters come from the beloved children's 'Mr Men' series by English author Roger Hargreaves.

But in July 2022, they got a new lease of life and an adult twist as social media users created their very own hilarious versions including everything like 'Little Miss Hopeless Romantic' to 'Little Miss wakes up and falls back asleep 7 times'.

As the Little Miss trend gains popularity, TikTokers have taken the craze to a new level by taking part in a brutally funny quiz and of course, a new app filter.

This is the latest quiz to go viral on the video platform over the past few months, joining the likes of What Human Feeling Are You?, The Mental Age Test and The Forest Question couples quiz. 

How to play the TikTok Little Miss Quiz

The quiz, which is called ‘Which Little Miss Do I Think You Are?’, starts: "We all love our little misses. Answer these random questions and I'll tell you which "Little Miss" I think you align with most."

The popular test created by user vickova, gives you seven random questions to help determine which Little Miss fits your personality.

Your questions could include anything from ‘What’s your dream life?’ to ' What's Your Favourite Accessory?' to 'Your Cocktail of Choice'.

Once you've filled out the super easy questionnaire, the quiz shows your results and as TikTok has discovered, the results can be less than...flattering.

The results have Twitter in hysterics ranging from 'Little Miss At My F****** Breaking Point' to 'Little Miss Daddy Issues'.

Sharing a link to the quiz with a crying emoji, one player said: "this is the quiz i was expecting a cutesy little miss answer."

After being named Little Miss 'At My F****** Breaking Point', another user added: "i don't like the truth."

A third user wrote: "psychiatric diagnosis: expensive.

"a random "which little miss are you" quiz online: free."

Play the quiz for yourself by visiting the uquiz website.

Little Miss TikTok filter

If you can't get enough of the quirky trend, the fun doesn't end there.

You can also try out the TikTok filter which removes the need for questions and will give you a straight answer once and for all.

It couldn't be easier to use the filter either, just follow these simple steps:

  • Go to your TikTok profile and click on the plus symbol
  • Click on the effects button in the bottom left of the screen
  • Click the search icon and type in “Little Miss” and choose the filter that appears
  • You can then immediately start recording or even save the filter to film and share later

Download the TikTok app to join in the fun now!