Heavy rainfall this morning caused a footpath to once again be covered in 'six inches' of water, according to a frustrated resident who says people are being forced to walk in the road.

John Edwards, who lives in Kearsley, says the problem affects the path at the junction of Higher Market Street, Bolton Road, and Long Causeway Way, in the Farnworth and Kearsley area (pictured).

He said he reported the problem a year ago but the issue remains.

Bolton Council said it sent workers to the scene to clear the water and establish what the fault was so action can be taken.

Mr Edwards said: "Once again, the footpath is blocked by water.

"This defect was reported to Streetcare, at least 12 months ago, and it looks like they just ignored it. 

"A decent rainfall, and people cannot walk safely through it."

The Bolton News:

He added: "People with prams and wheelchairs have to walk into the roadway.  .  The water is around 6 inches deep. 

"Because of school holidays there are no children passing to get to school, where mothers would have to walk into the road, or paddle."

He added faults like this do not reflect well on Bolton.

Mr Edwards added: "Does Streetcare investigate complaints, I don't think so.  Maybe they don't want to get wet, and will only send out an inspector when the sun shines, and the footpath has dried up.

A spokesperson for Bolton Council said: “We are attending the site to draw down the excess water so we can investigate further in order to rectifying the problem.”