Shoppers at Sainsbury's have been left shocked and horrified after discovering how much just one pack of fish fingers cost. 

One shopper took to social media to share their shock saying they "nearly fell to their knees" after seeing the price. 

It comes as a packet of Birds Eye 30 Cod Fish Fingers (840g) were sold at £7 per packet at the supermarket giant.

Many people soon shared their shock after seeing the 'shocking' price of fish products. 

One person said: "Fish fingers are back of the fridge, lil food in yard or can't be bothered to cook vibes. This is not it."

And another called the price 'sickening' saying: "I paid £3.80 for @Warburtons gluten-free wraps yesterday- it would be cheaper to live off mc ds at this rate. There are 5 wraps in there. Sickening."

Some people did support the price saying: "It's cod! £7 for almost 2 pounds of the stuff is amazing value! Support our fishermen, they risk their lives for your food! You won't get that cheaper anywhere. Go and look at the fish counter...or buy whiting and make your own!"

Another user took a step further a broke down the cost of the 'Big Value Pack' writing: "Have a look at their smaller packs. A pack of 10 cod fish fingers is £4 and a pack of 20 is £6. £7 for 30 cod fish fingers is quite alright considering its £5 for the cheaper (and marmite style, love it or hate it) 30 alaska pollock 'omega 3' birds eye pack."

But it isn't the first time people have noticed the price of everyday groceries rising, as last month the cost of Lurpak butter shocked many with the price of the spread racing up to £7 a packet.