A heart-broken son from Breightmet has come up with a special way to remember his dad.

When Kai Burke’s dad Stephen Clemmett suddenly died on July 25 2022, it left Kai and his family devastated.

It was only three weeks ago that the family were enjoying a family holiday in New York, which was something Stephen wanted to do on his bucket list.

He died just two days before Kai's 16th birthday.

Kai said: “I never expected it.

“Three weeks ago, he was laughing in New York because that’s what he wanted to do.

“I am glad we did that.

“It was something he wanted to tick off on his bucket list.”

Kai has described his dad as his ‘main man’, and his ‘pride and joy’, and ‘can’t understand that he is gone’.

He says that it was ‘the worst birthday’, but for comfort he got a build a bear teddy for when he is feeling sad and has called it dad.

He said: “My dad would put anyone before himself.

“He was a loving caring dad and grandad.

The Bolton News: Kai enjoying a family holiday with his dadKai enjoying a family holiday with his dad

“If any family or friend needed anything, dad would be there.

“I sadly lost my dad two days before my 16th birthday, and it devastated us.

“It’s one of the worst things and its horrible him not being here.

“But not one of us in the family have left each other’s side.”

Kai’s mum Julie said: “He was a loving guy and helped anybody who needed it, whether it was family, friends or neighbours.

“We had separated but we still had a very close friendship.

“It’s heart-breaking to understand and hard to process.

“We just came back from a family holiday, and we were all laughing in New York, planning where we were going next.

“Everyone loved him, and he had a great relationship with his grandchildren, his kids, family, and friends.

“He was an all-round good guy.”

Stephen had three children with Julie, Kai, Charlotte (27), and Kelsey (25).

He also has an older child, Heather (38), as well as three grandchildren.

Stephen previously worked at Bolton market a couple of years ago.

As a tribute to his dad, Kai is raising money for a memorial bench, so friends and family can remember him and ‘sit down and chat and talk to him where he is buried’.

The Bolton News: Family memories in New YorkFamily memories in New York

Kai said: “He loved being in the garden and helping with Men in Shed’s, making things and growing, and nature.

“He had a plot on an allotment and would go when he could.

“He also liked making benches and things out of wood.

“I’m trying to raise money for a bench to be placed beside him so me, my family, and friends, can go and sit and chat.”

Kai is still in the process of coming terms with the tragedy but hopes he can have something inscribed on the bench that says something about his dad.

Kai is due to start college in September to study Multi Skills, where he is able to build and make things like his dad.

Click here if you would like to help Kai raise money for his memorial bench, you can donate here (www.gofundme.com/f/kai-dad-memories).