A new bridge is to be built over the River Irwell to replace one destroyed by floods almost seven years ago.

The bridge, at Milltown Street in Radcliffe, will be used by cyclists and pedestrians after planning permission was granted within the past week.

An original bridge was badly damaged by high water levels in the River Irwell on Boxing Day, 2015.

The structure has been out of service since then with one span of the bridge being later removed after being deemed unsafe.

It was not considered practicable to repair the existing bridge.

Bury Council said it wished to provide an alternative river crossing in the vicinity of the existing bridge.

The area is bounded by industrial land and overgrown land to the south and homes to the north.

Plans submitted by the council gave more details of the bridge.

They said it will improve connectivity for pedestrian and cyclists.

The construction of the bridge will involve a range of mitigation and other works in line with the recommendations of a linked ecological report.

They added: “The proposed bridge is to be a two span structure over the River Irwell.

“It is envisaged that the spans will be approximately 42m and 13m giving a total span of approximately 55m.

“The internal width of the bridge is to be 3.5m.

“The replacement bridge is to be located immediately north of the previous structure, along the same axis and with realigned access points to the existing highways.

“The bridge structure is of a strong modern design finished in subtle colours.

“It is not a tall structure.

“It is within a mainly industrial use setting where it will have a positive impact on the immediate locality though with little or no affect on wider views in the river valley or urban area. It is a much needed replacement facility.”