A PHOTOGRAPH of a playground took our readers back in time.

We were inundated with responses on social media and on email telling us more about the venue.

First of all, we can reveal that the photograph was taken at the Squirrel pub.

Below are a number of comments and memories from our readers.

Diana Duffy said: “Many thanks for your picture of the Squirrel pub in Horwich also known as the Elephant.

“I had forgotten about this place. Me and my brother spent most of our weekends here in the 80s with our dad.

“Shame it’s gone it was a great family day out and my kids would love something like this now.”

Stuart Meaden said: “(It is the) Squirrel pub in Horwich and I spent a lot of time with family and friends there.

“They loved the place and it was very sad to see it close.

“I have some pictures I took when it closed down.”

Kelly Joyce Sinclair said: “Squirrel pub! There isn’t anywhere like this now in Horwich. It was so good in the playground.”

Kaylie Crompton said: “The Squirrel in Horwich! So many good memories playing here as a kiddo.

“I remember the ground was made out of black wetpour tiles that were sticking up so kids were constantly tripping over them. They were good times!”

Emma Lavender Birchall said: “Was gutted when that shut down. (There are) no other pubs like it now with large outdoor play areas for the kids.

“Fond memories going there when younger.”

Catherine Louise Gale Was Horne said: “My grandad and uncle use to own the houses behind this pub.”

Vincent Callaghan said: “The landlord in the Sventies was known as king of the Nortons. He had a large collection of Norton motorcycles.”

Dawn Hanley said: “I grew up with my mum and dad taking us here at The Squirrel.

“It also had a play area inside and a game that you had to catch chicken eggs into a basket spent a fortune on it.”

Rebecca Walker said: “The Squirrel, used to go every few weeks. (It had the) Best playground and best Chicken nuggets in the 1980s.”

Angela Hayes said: “(It’s) The squirrel. Used to take my children there when they were little.”

Nicola Carolan said: “I used to love it at The Squirrel, wish we could take our kids to somewhere like that.”

Vicky Haddock added: “My old home, loved reading all the comments.”

Margaret England: “We had a good New Year’s Eve at the Squirrel. Always a good night. And motorbikes on show.”

Donna Riley said: “Only place my mum and dad could get peace at a pub without me mithering as once on that playground I was gone for hours.”