Retired Bolton boxer Amir Khan and his wife Faryal Makhdoom have shown off their new stunning Manchester home on social media platform TikTok.

The Khans were originally set to move to London with half the year also spent in their Dubai mansion.

But after Amir was robbed at gunpoint for his watch in the capital city, it seems the couple have had a change of plans.

Instead, Amir shared a video on TikTok of the new house, showing fans the children’s play area, a lake and a gym.

He said: “At the house, Manchester, beautiful. Beautiful – got my gym right there don’t think I’ll be using that now we’re retired.

“What do you think guys? The back is amazing, we can have a lot of barbeques with the weather being so nice. Do a few barbeques and stuff.

"I don’t think I’ll be swimming, but we’ve got the barbeque set and everything.”

As the camera panned round to show the rest of the house, Amir mused: “Hot tub there, it’s got everything really.

“Kids play area down there, obviously we’ve got to make sure the kids are going to be happy.”

A few days ago, model Faryal Makhdoom and Amir were seen heading to the launch of restaurant SakkuSamba in Manchester in time for Faryal’s birthday meal.

Amir took to Instagram to wish his wife, calling her his ‘queen’ with a picture taken from their popular BBC Three show Meet The Khans: Big In Bolton on July 27.

The ‘queen’ herself posted a video unveiling her new luxury watch on her birthday.

The star couple were later seen at Pasha Vibes, a shisha lounge in Manchester, as they settle into their new home.

Amir and Faryal split their time between England and Dubai and have discussed plans in the past about spending half the year in Dubai and half the year in England.

Fans are hoping the couple will announce a third series of Meet The Khans going behind the scenes of the move and the end of Amir’s boxing career as he announced his retirement shortly after his defeat to Kell Brook in February.

Currently in Manchester, the couple are expected to soon head back to the heat of Dubai.

Amir has since taken down the TikTok showing the house, as the couple try to remain more secretive.