It has been a tough time for airports and travellers this year, with many flights being cancelled which has caused travel disruption for thousands of people.

Long queues snaking around security check-ins have been seen at places like Manchester Airport, for example, and many will want to avoid such a scenario when going for a summer trip in August.

Difficulties in hiring new staff have been one reason why queues have been so long, which has encouraged people to get to their airport sooner than they would have otherwise.

To help travellers out, the consumer champion website Which? has asked each airport how long people should arrive before their flight is scheduled to take off, hopefully giving people enough time to beat out queues.

The Bolton News: Three hours is usually considered a long enough time to arrive at the airport before a long-haul flight (PA)Three hours is usually considered a long enough time to arrive at the airport before a long-haul flight (PA) (Image: PA)

When should you arrive at the airport?

Heathrow Airport

It is recommended to get to the airport three hours before your flight for both short-haul and long-haul trips.

Gatwick Airport

For Gatwick, you should aim to get there two hours before a short-haul flight and three hours before a long-haul flight.

Stansted Airport

Stansted recommends travellers to get to the airport at the time advised by your airline.

Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport recommends getting there three hours before the flight.

Edinburgh Airport

For Edinburgh the ideal time is between two and three hours before the flight, usually signified by when the relevant check-in desk opens.

Birmingham Airport

This is another airport that recommends the timing based on when the relevant check-in desk opens, which is usually about three hours before the flight.

The Bolton News: Birmingham Airport (PA)Birmingham Airport (PA)

Luton Airport

No earlier than the time advised by your airline - typically two hours

Bristol Airport

Bristol is like Edinburgh and Birmingham in suggesting that travellers get to the airport when their relevant check-in desk opens.

This is usually about two to three hours before the flight takes off.

Don't arrive at the airport too early

Which? also offered further advice on arriving at the airport, saying it could also be a problem if you got there too early.

They said on their website: "The crucial thing to remember is that it can be counterproductive to arrive too early before your trip.

"Many of the airports we spoke to are pleading with passengers not to arrive ahead of time. They’ve experienced queues building up as much as five hours before flights, meaning increased congestion in the airport and slower queues.

"Instead it’s better to follow the advice of your airline, or check our guide here."