Police have been working to reduce crime in Bolton town centre after it had become a “no go zone".

Officers are now working with licensed premises and carrying out weekly reviews to see what can be done to reduce offences.

Police have also stepped up patrols in the town centre and reestablished neighbourhood policing.

Chief Inspector Justine Topping, who took up the role this year, has revealed the results between May and July in the area.

She said robberies in the town centre have dropped from 11 to eight in this time, violence without injury had dropped from 38 to 36, burglary of businesses has gone from 15 to 12 and vehicle related offences have gone from 11 to five.

The work comes as Operation Overspill has been working every weekend in the night time economy.

During this time police have taken two businesses in the town centre to a licence review over concerns about crime.

These include Shah’s Pizza and Luxe Lounge on Bradshawgate.

Chief Insp Topping said: “The town centre was seen as a no go area and police cannot have that.

“That is the feedback I got when I took over.

“How long it was like that I wouldn’t like to say.”

But she said progress was being made.

She added: “It is about getting community confidence to make sure the town centre is safe.

“Officers are dealing with overtly coercive crimes, like burglary or robbery or theft from a person.

“That is what communities are saying are their concerns.

“They have seen significant success as a result of officers targeting these offenders.”

She said a recent meeting with businesses in the town centre and said they were feeling the effects of these changes.

She said: “Everybody feels more confident and reassured because there are officers visible in the town centre.”