Morrisons has taken the decision to cut fuel prices amid the cost of living crisis.

The supermarket has cut the cost of unleaded and diesel by an average of 6p a litre at all its 339 UK filling stations over the last week.

Morrisons is passing on recent reductions in wholesale fuel prices directly to customers to reduce the cost of motoring.

Both the Bolton Daws Morrisons and the one in Harwood is currently at 170.7p for petrol and 183.7p for diesel.

Andrew Ball, fuel operations manager at Morrisons, said: "It's the summer holidays and we know how tough the current cost of living is for our customers.

“So, we hope this fuel price reduction will help motorists to save money at this challenging time."

But this is still not the cheapest, as Texaco on Manchester Road and another on Chorley New Road are at 167.9p and 169.9p for petrol, updated on August 3.

Tesco is another supermarket cutting costs for motorists while Asda said on Friday that it had cut the cost of unleaded by 5p per litre and diesel by 3p a litre.

But the cheapest Tesco near Bolton was recorded in Walkden at 170.9p for petrol and 183.9p for diesel while the Tesco in Horwich is 173.9p for petrol and 183.9p for diesel.