A cricketer has spoken of his shock and anger after he says he suffered racial abuse during a match.

Jameel Stuart, who lives in Farnworth, said he suffered verbal abuse while playing in the ECB T20 Bolton Cricket League qualifiers knock-out final at Blackrod on Friday.

An investigation is now underway into the allegations and a player has been suspended.

The cricket match was between Farnworth Social Circle, who the 27-year-old plays for, and Horwich RMI.

Following the alleged incident, Horwich RMI Cricket Club released a statement apologising to the player.

It said: "Horwich RMI CC will not tolerate any instances of discrimination.

“Following an incident at the T20 Final, the club’s committee have met this morning.

“A first team player has been immediately suspended until the conclusion of a league enquiry.

“However, irrelevant of the outcome the club have cancelled the player’s registration with immediate effect and the player will no longer represent the club.

“The club would like to place on record our apologies to the player and club involved in this unacceptable incident.

"The player has been banned for ten matches which will include the first match of the 2023 season under the ECB General Conduct Regulations and the ECB Anti Discrimination Code.

"The ban will apply to all matches under the jurisdiction of the ECB and LCF.

"The player in question will have to partake in a Diversity Awareness Course before they play again.

"The Bolton League will assist with this if necessary and offer any support he requires.

"We note that he has sent a message of apology to Jameel Stuart."

Jameel said the incident was of a racial nature which left him angry and called for more education.

He told The Bolton News: "We were playing the final at Blackrod, and we needed like three runs to win.

"I was preparing to bat, and the player ran past me and then he kicked the bat and was like ‘you monkey’, ‘you f****ing monkey’.

“I was very angry but everyone just held me back.

“So obviously as a black person to hear that comment out of nowhere, like it’s not even like it was a build up or anything, there was no argument, there was no small altercation during the game, there was nothing like that, there was no rude banter throughout the game or anything, so it was just like a real shock."

Jameel said that Horwich RMI CC responded appropriately.

He said: “I think it’s an acceptable response from Horwich RMI.

“I think people need more of an education around race like why should that come to someone’s mind because they are losing a cricket match, it shouldn’t ever come to that.

“I think people are in general scared of race and racism.

"That’s why I put the tweet out about brushing it under the carpet because people get things said to them or have subtle things done to them and its made in a racist way, like one of my friends who plays cricket over here. He said there’s a couple of times he has been walking on the pavement and parents grab their kids and pull them away from him - why should that ever be a thing?

“In my mind I felt like it was premeditated, like it must have been something he was thinking about doing throughout the game because he ran past me and then he came back and said it, his teammate heard and his teammate was like ‘I heard what he said and I won’t condone that’.

“So, his own teammate went to the umpire, so it’s not like I heard it alone and made it up, his own teammate heard.”

A statement from Bolton Cricket Leagues has also been issued.

It states: "BCL are aware of an incident at the T20 Final. Both clubs are co-operating and the ECB General Conduct Guidelines are being followed. Therefore it would be helpful if due process is allowed to take place without further speculation on social media. A formal statement will be made when investigations are complete."

Horwich RMI CC said the player who has been suspended will be not be making a statement and that the club had nothing further to add.

The incident comes as issues of racism in cricket nationally are being brought to light.