Bolton’s three MPs are at odds over who should be the next prime minster with each opting for a different choice.

Rishi Sunak MP and Liz Truss MP are the last two candidates vying to take over the leadership of the Conservative Party and the country, with tory members set to make the final decision.

But each of Bolton’s MP, including the borough’s two Conservative members, have chosen different candidates with Bolton West MP Chris Green backing Liz Truss, Bolton North MP Mark Logan supporting Rishi Sunak and Bolton South East’s Yasmin Qureshi MP backing neither.

Mr Green said: “We are counting down the days for Boris Johnson’s successor as Prime Minister to be elected.

“I am supporting Liz Truss because she has the depth of experience to be an effective leader and deliver for the country as we face an increasingly difficult economic outlook. 

The Bolton News:

Bolton West MP Chris Green

“Rishi Sunak has been responsible for the economy, as Chancellor of the Exchequer, for the last three years but, only having entered Parliament in 2015, as I did, he does not have the depth of experience that Liz Truss does as she has been in the Cabinet since 2014. 

“I appreciate that Labour would have neither of these options though I doubt the country would opt for Keir Starmer as an alternative.”

But Mr Green’s Conservative Party colleague, Bolton North MP Mark Logan has made the opposite choice.

Mr Logan said: "In meetings with Rishi, it's clear that he has both the experience and resolve to tackle the key issues affecting Bolton and the rest of the UK.

The Bolton News:

Bolton North MP Mark Logan

“He agrees with me that getting inflation under control and investing in the people of Bolton through levelling up must be the priority for our next Prime Minister. 

“Irrespective of who is selected, I'm ready to work with the winning candidate and hold them to improving the livelihoods of Boltonians."

In stark contrast to both, Labour’s Yasmin Qureshi says neither candidate has the answers Bolton or the UK are seeking.

She said: “The Tory leadership contest provides two grim prospects for our next Prime Minister.

"On the one hand, we have Rishi Sunak, architect of our economic downturn and the cost-of-living crisis, all whilst being the richest Member of Parliament with absolutely no understanding of normal life for people in Bolton. 

The Bolton News:

Bolton South East MP Yasmin Qureshi

"On the other, we have Liz Truss, who once authored a pamphlet which claimed the British working class are amongst 'the worst idlers in the world, and made a campaign pledge to cut public sector pay outside of London, in places like Bolton, before rowing back on it when it threatened her campaign.

“We don't need a narrow set of Conservative party members to select the next Prime Minister. We need a general election and a Labour government who will deliver on the priorities for working families."