IT’S time to shine the spotlight on local venues in Bolton as part of our ‘Pub of the Week’ feature.

We have visited Horwich to speak to the landlords at the Victoria and Albert about their pub and it was good to chat about the reason for their success.

Name of the pub:

The Victoria and Albert

Address of the pub:

114 Lee Lane, Horwich, Bolton BL6 7AF

Landlord/landlady name:

Naimi Davies

Bar staff and their names:

Adam, Emma, Lucy and Holly (bar staff)

Give us some history about the pub:

It is a lively local, well-known for its live bands and busy weekends.

It used to host one of the best quiz nights in Bolton which was hosted by Anne Hegerty herself.

There are a number of large TVs which can draw crowds for big sporting events and we are dog friendly and family friendly.

Originally known as Alberts Arms dated back to the mid 1800s and given its name following the marriage of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert.

Is food served? If so what’s on the menu?

There’s no food service however we do offer pasty and peas daily for just £1 and the odd hotpot of a weekend.

Is there a beer garden?

There’s a spacious beer garden on two levels to the rear of the pub with is completely enclosed and a great sun trap in the summer.

We are slowly but surely giving out garden a slight facelift ready for summer.

Do you have any darts/snooker/pool teams?

We have a darts team ‘the Victoria and Albert team’ on a Wednesday and we’re actively looking for a pool team to join the league and a football team to who we can sponsor kits etc.

Most popular drink served is:

We have a large variety from real ale to lager, wine, spirits and cocktails however I’d say Moretti or vodka lemonade and blackcurrant ‘Vic and Albert’s special’ would be our most sold.

Most memorable moment at the pub:

Only being here seven weeks we’ve not had long to find our most memorable moment however as we stand I think just seeing the business grow and trying new things to see what works.

What are the biggest challenges you faced?

I think running a pub itself is very challenging but we get a great crowd in here now all our customers are fantastic they support us and give us many ideas on new things to try and we kind of all work together to get the pub great again.

The best thing about running a pub is...

For me running a pub is so social, I love meeting new people but definitely watching the growth, seeing people come in a little miserable but leaving with a grin on their face is probably one of the things that makes it all worth while.

The worst thing about running a pub is...

I mean it’s hard, it’s very hard work and a little time consuming running pubs but as for “worst thing” I haven’t found that con yet