Dozens of residents come out to support a community clean up event in Rumworth.

The group of around 45 people consisted of residents, volunteers, and councillors, took to the streets on Thursday to help clear up litter in a communtiy clean up event on Deane Road. 

The event, organised by Rumworth Cllr Abdul Atcha in association with the KW Trust, saw more than 30 bags of rubbish that have now been reported for collection by the trust. 

Cllr Atcha, who was joined by Bolton Labour candiate for the upcoming September by-election Ismail Patel, said: "It was a very impressive turn out for the Deane Road clean up event.

"This will help us reclaim pride in our streets.

"Cleaners streets attract less crime and littering - it’s about creating virtuous cycle."

Cllr Atcha said that there will be further events organised, and those interested in joining should keep an eye on his Facebook page.