More than 60 arrests have been made in nine weeks for alleged offences committed against women as part of a crackdown.

Chief Inspector for Neighbourhood and Partnerships Justine Topping has addressed the people of Bolton in a video on social media, enlightening them on Operation Lioness, which aims to provide protection and safe spaces for women and girls on a night out.

She says that women and girls are disproportionately subjected to violence and predatory behvaiour on nights out.

"We’ve all got female family members, friends or partners in our lives, and it’s Greater Manchester Police’s role to keep them safe," Chief Insp Topping said. 

"At the weekends we will have plain clothes and high-visibility officers working in the town centre in conjunction with our partners, ensuring that the town centre is safe, well managed and welcoming.

"Over the past nine weeks we have arrested over 60 individuals for a variety of offences.

"These include offences around assault, sexual assault, domestic abuse related crimes and disorder.

"These arrests demonstrate our zero-tolerance approach and ongoing commitment to keeping out women and girls safe.

!Please support us by reporting any incidents or any concerns that you may have."