A nursery in Bromley Cross has been rated ‘outstanding’ in the latest Ofsted report.

Eagley School House Nursery achieved this status in all areas, including the quality of education, behaviour and attitudes, leadership and management, personal development and overall effectiveness at previous inspection.

Nursery owner director, and creator of Mini Minds Matter UK, Julie Robinson says she is delighted to receive this rating, and has made it her mission to ‘change children’s lives’.

She said: “It means the absolute world to me.

“We’ve been outstanding for a number of years now, and we know that the bar is raised constantly.

“And we know that we’re dealing with Covid cohort children that have really struggled.

“And those are the things that you do worry about when Ofsted come because you do your best every single day.

“It validates everything that I do and work hard to do.

“I strive to change children’s lives and I strive to make a difference every single day.”

The Bolton News: Some of the children celebrating the newsSome of the children celebrating the news

Inspector Shauneen Wainwright said in the report: “Children thrive at this nursery.

“They are completely immersed and captivated by the exciting, individualised curriculum on offer.

“The highly passionate staff team show genuine care and unwavering commitment to every child. “They have hugely ambitious expectations for all, yet children still achieve beyond these expectations.

“Children are raring to learn.

“They jump at every opportunity to show off their impressive knowledge and social skills.”

The nursery first opened its doors in 2003, and offers quiet areas, a messy area where children can paint, an outdoor area and a sensory garden.

Julie also set up Mind Minds Matter UK during Covid in 2021, after realising there was a need to support pre-school aged children, parents, and carers with their wellbeing.

She offers support for children by implementing mindfulness into her settings, through a dedicated program of support and resources. 

She said: “The fact that we managed to incorporate a Mini Minds approach that focuses on emotional wellbeing and mental health of young children, just shows the significant impact that you can make on young children.

The Bolton News: Julie with a member of staff for Mini Minds MatterJulie with a member of staff for Mini Minds Matter

 “And that’s an approach that I designed, and I’ve won an award for as well.

“It prepares children for modern Britain.

“And the fact that our children are emotionally intelligent is the key thing that I will take away from the Ofsted report because I know that we are ultimately changing lives.

“Our nursery changes children’s lives.”

This was also highlighted in the report: “Children are especially emotionally intelligent.

“They chant positive affirmations to themselves and their peers.

“Children remind each other that 'we are strong, we are kind, we are brave'.

“This is not simply a well-rehearsed chant; children understand what these feelings mean.

“Pre-school children explain that they are all unique 'We are all special and we all have different minds'.

“Parents label this nursery as 'life changing'.”