Manchester Airport has been named as one of the worst UK airports for lost luggage, according to a study.

Bounce analysed lost luggage on flights to and from the UK between 2017 and 2021 by sending a Freedom of Information request to the Civil Aviation Authority. Not all cases of lost luggage are dealt with by the CAA, they only deal with those cases that cannot be resolved with the airlines themselves.

Manchester Airport came in third place within the list of worst airports for lost luggage in the UK with 34 cases reported to the CAA within the last five years.

The airport with the most cases of lost luggage was London Heathrow with 93.

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The 5 worst airports for lost luggage in the UK

Here’s the full list of the 5 worst airports when it comes to lost luggage along with the percentage of mishandled baggage cases.

London Heathrow – 35.63%

London Gatwick – 19.54%

Manchester – 13.03%

Birmingham – 8.81%

London Stansted – 7.66%