More than 300 people will gather at Moses Gate Country Park to recreate a historic photograph discovered in the Rock Hall.

Campaigners workers to save and restore the historic hall are taking part in the Rock Hall Landmark Challenge.

The challenge is inspired by a photograph that was found in Rock Hall by members of the Banana Enterprise Network – the charity trying to reclaim the building.

In the photograph which is dated in June 1906, 300 people from Farnworth and Kearsley Parish Church formed the word ‘DEVON’ on Capstone Hill during a trip to Ilfracombe, Devon.

The photograph was then turned into a postcard.

Save Rock Hall Landmark challenge to recreate history

On Saturday, 116 years later, over 300 people will gather at Rock Hall to repeat the feat, only this time will spell out the words ‘SAVE ROCK HALL’.

The Bolton News: This historic photo that will be recreatedThis historic photo that will be recreated

Jayne Allman, Banana Enterprise Network CEO, said: “We’ve got at least 300 people coming which is great. It’s happening at 2pm on Saturday. The weather is looking like it’s going to be dry and not windy, which is good because we need that so we can send the drone up.

“If anybody wants to come and join in, they can.”

The hall was originally built in 1807 by local paper manufacturer John Crompton, close to the former site of the Farnworth Paper Mill, which supplied paper to London’s newspapers.

“It’s for the community,” Jayne said. “It’s really important to save Farnworth’s paper making heritage. It’s a vital part of Farnworth’s history.

“So many heritage buildings are being taken down.”

The Bolton News: Save Rock HallSave Rock Hall

The bid to restore Rock Hall has been backed by Bolton Council. The Banana Enterprise Network has applied for £4m worth of funding from the National Lottery.

Rock Hall wins backing of Bolton Council in restoration bid

If funding is granted and subject to a public consultation, plans will be put in place to create a community space, complete with a café/bistro, training rooms, a business suite, a heritage museum and shop and an outdoor activities centre.

A decision from the National Lottery is due in mid-September, and the Rock Hall Landmark Challenge is the charity’s last opportunity to publicly demonstrate what the site means to the community.

To learn more about Rock Hall, its history and the events that the Banana Enterprise Network are putting on, visit their website.


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