A family saying their home is crumbling around them.

Gina Unsworth, who is disabled, has been living in the same Bolton at Home house for more than 60 years and says she has bee plagued with problems.

Complaints are centred around rot around the sink, cracks in the walls and ceiling, plaster coming off the walls and damp.

Gina lives with daughter Danielle on Westbourne Avenue, Great Lever.

Among their complaints are rot around the sink, cracks in the walls and ceiling, plaster coming off the walls and damp.

The Bolton News: Plaster falling away from the ceilingPlaster falling away from the ceiling

Danielle, a 29-year-old retail assistant, said: “It’s embarrassing having people in the house. It looks like we don’t look after it but we try our best.

“The keep saying they’ll refer it but they’re going absolutely nothing. Some of it’s dangerous.

“When we call them up, we just get passed between departments. Some know the situation, but others don’t know anything about it.

“Mum has been here for 61 years. You’d think that they’d have respect for their tenants, especially when we’ve been here for so long.”


The Bolton News: A crack in the wallA crack in the wall

Danielle says that even when repairs have been made, the standard of the updates have not been ideal.

She said: “We got them to do the stairs once and they put the wrong size posts in and we’re always whacking our shoulders on them.

The Bolton News: DampDamp

“They also came and plastered the living room and a crack appeared straight away after.

“It’s an absolute joke. It’s a constant worry.”


A spokesperson for Bolton at Home said: “We did a structural survey at Ms Unsworth’s home and found no structural problems. We’ll be carrying out some joinery repairs and a thorough inspection for replastering where needed, and we’re currently arranging appointments.”


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