Video footage on social media appears to show Wetherspoons bouncers throwing a punter to the ground before allegedly stamping on him.

An investigation was launched by the pub chain after the shocking footage filmed at the V-Shed in Bristol, was shared on social media.

Speaking of the incident one customer, Chris, said: "It was excessive from the start. When they got him to the boundary of the pub garden, instead of throwing him out they pushed him and he went into the railings by the canal.

"The guy came over obviously drunk, he probably should have left but was just trying to verbally defend himself. As I started recording the two of them slammed him down onto the concrete and one of them put his arm out and the other stamped on his wrist."

Footage of the incident was shared on social media by @RajendraKadamb.

Speaking to the Daily Star, a Wetherspoons spokesman said: "An investigation was carried out into the incident at the V Shed, Bristol, and follow-up actions have been agreed directly with the door staff company.

"We do not consider it appropriate to comment on the specifics of the outcome. While Wetherspoons does not condone the use of violent or aggressive behaviour by its door staff, reasonable force in order to restrain and, if necessary, remove customers from premises is permitted.”

He added: "Unfortunately, the extract of the customer’s mobile phone footage of the incident does not show the customer’s actions which prompted the door security team’s response to try and restrain the customer."