A Bolton curry house has won an award for being the best restaurant in the North West.

The Royal Balti House in Farnworth was awarded with the title of best restaurant on Tuesday night at the English Curry Awards 2022 in Birmingham.

They were also a finalist in the best chef category.

Atikur Sabur for the restaurant, said: “We attended the English Curry Awards 2022 Ceremony in Birmingham, where we have been selected as the finalist under two categories.

The Bolton News: Atikur SaburAtikur Sabur

“We have been fortunate enough to have Won the Best Restaurant in the North West Category and bring back home a certificate award. 

The Bolton News: Royal Balti HouseRoyal Balti House

“This recognition has been huge for ourselves as a small business, we would just like a chance to thank all our customers.

“Being not only just nominated but winning the best restaurant in the North West Region is a huge achievement for ourselves.”

The business notes the struggle during the pandemic but the food of the Royal Balti House was too good for customers to ignore and both hard work from staff and being loved in Bolton helped keep it open.

Atikur said: “Also noting just recently getting through the tough time period  the Covid-19 lockdown, we realise it has been a very tough time for businesses to continue with the current climate of raw ingredients increasing and bills. We see many businesses local to ourselves and further out struggling to stay open.

“This award will definitely give us a push in the future to keep going and staying persistent and success will follow.”

Comments poured in over on their Facebook page.

Patricia Davies said: “Excellent. So glad you are our local go to restaurant for lovely food and service. Well done.”

While Carole Ashworth said: “Congratulations everyone, you are all amazing.

“No other place comes anywhere near you for choice, quality, taste, presentation, service, friendliness. You’re exceptional in every way.”

The Royal Balti House has served stars off the silver screen for years with Bolton’s own Paddy McGuiness as one of the lucky diners.

Celebrity chef and TV presenter Ainsley Hariott was also a guest in 2017 at the Bolton Food and Drink Festival, who will also be at this year’s event.