ITV detective show Ridley hit our screens last week – but did you know that many scenes were filmed in Bolton?

According to ITV producers, Bolton locations feature in several episodes, including the first one that aired on Sunday (August 28).

The show’s lead actor Adrian Dunbar, best known for playing Superintendent Ted Hastings in Line of Duty, was spotted filming scenes for the show earlier this year.

Bolton News Camera Club member Mark Hainey snapped a picture of the star on Lever street.

In the show Adrian play titular detective Alex Ridley, who retired from the police force after years of dedicated service due to health concerns and grief over losing his wife and daughter.

The Bolton News: Adrian Dunbar filming with-costar for Ridley. Picture by Mark HaineyAdrian Dunbar filming with-costar for Ridley. Picture by Mark Hainey

Ridley’s replacement is DI Carol Farman (Bronagh Waugh), his former protégée whom Ridley mentored for many years.

When he's enlisted by Carol as a police consultant on a complex and compelling murder case, the investigation takes a dark and unexpected twist.

Turning to her old mentor for support, Carol is keen to access Ridley’s unique insight into crime-solving which has served them so well in the past.

With more intriguing cases to solve, Ridley will be enticed out of retirement into his former role, reviving his formidable and successful partnership with Carol.

Inspired by real-life retired detectives re-joining police forces in a consultancy role given increasingly over-stretched resources, Ridley will explore thought-provoking crime stories in an original and distinctive way.

Adrian Dubar describes the acting project as a “big responsibility”.

He said: “When you come off the back of creating a really interesting character, in Ted Hastings, you don’t think you’re going to reach those heights ever again,” reflects Dunbar.

“Programmes like this, they really do rely on the heart at the middle of it all, and that’s usually provided by the central character. He’s a complicated character.

“You don’t immediately warm to him – I think it’s going to take a little bit of time for us to sort of understand where he’s coming from.”

Jonathan Fisher of West Road Pictures said: “We’re very proud to be bringing Ridley to the screen. A huge amount of work goes into originating a series of this nature, and we’ve been fortunate to work with an incredibly collaborative and dedicated team.

“It’s been a joy working closely with Adrian Dunbar on this project. Adrian has brought a real passion and authenticity to the eponymous role, alongside a talented and diverse ensemble of supporting characters. We all very much hope that Ridley will join the canon of well-loved TV detectives."

Where was Ridley filmed in Bolton?

ITV producers say several scenes were filmed in Le Mans Crescent.

Scenes from episodes one and four involving prison cells and visiting rooms were filmed in this area.

The interior of Marling’s jazz bar, which will feature sporadically throughout the series, was also filmed at a building in Le Mans Crescent.

The Bolton News: Alex Ridley (Adrian Dunbar) and Annie Marling (Julie Graham) at Marling's jazz bar. (Photo: ITV)Alex Ridley (Adrian Dunbar) and Annie Marling (Julie Graham) at Marling's jazz bar. (Photo: ITV)

In the first episode, Ridley sings a song at the jazz bar and speaks to owner, Annie Marling (Julie Graham).

Carol’s house, which features in episode two, is based in Smithills.

In episode for 'the Juniper Practice' will feature on the show - this location was also based in Bolton.

ITV’s Ridley airs Sundays at 8pm.