As the start of the new school year approaches, a lot of University students will be making the trip back to their accommodation ready to start the new year.

But ahead of classes starting and hard work getting underway, there's some time to kick back and relax.

Whether that's shopping, sleeping in, or taking a trip to the pub with your friends, the options are endless.

But enjoying your social life on the student budget can be a tough challenge to tackle.

Now there's a way for students across the UK to save money and still venture out and have a good time.

The Bolton News: Wetherspoons to offer huge savings on food and drink this autumn (PA)Wetherspoons to offer huge savings on food and drink this autumn (PA)

As pub chain, JD Wetherspoons has shared that they bringing back their exclusive student deals this autumn.

Wetherspoons brings back student voucher booklet

For any veteran students, the Wetherspoons voucher booklet might not be anything new to you.

But for new freshers, the booklet means you can save big on a whole range of food, soft and alcoholic drinks at a local Wetherspoons chain.

The booklets offer 84 vouchers on food and drinks, including deals on breakfast, main meals, pitchers, shots, pints, soft drinks and much more.

Available across all of the UK and Ireland, the voucher booklets are being distributed by 375 pubs across the two nations.

If you fancy saving some money at the start of the new school year, all you need to do is ask a member of staff at your local Wetherspoons for the booklet.

But you will need a valid student ID to prove that you are eligible to get the bargain discounts.

The deals run from now all the way until Halloween on October 31.

Find your local Wetherspoons via the website.