A power cut is set to hit homes and businesses across four postcodes this weekend.

According to Electricity North West, the power cut is set to come into effect on Sunday September 11 and will hit around 15 homes across the M26 3SW, M26 3SG, M26 3SJ, and M26 3SL postcodes in the Radcliffe area.

The utilities company says that this is to ensure that its engineers can safely complete maintenance works on power cables.

An Electricity North West statement said: “We appreciate your patience while our engineers carry out a planned power cut in your area, this is to improve the reliability of your electricity supply and so our engineers can safely work on the cables that provide electricity to your home or business.”

The utility company says that once work has begun on the power cables in Radcliffe, they will work to ensure that electricity will be restored to homes and businesses in the area as soon as possible.

Electricity North West regularly plans power cuts in order to allow its engineers to carry out maintenance works on cables.

Households and businesses are warned ahead of time on the company’s website.

Engineers are also regularly deployed to tackle unplanned power cuts.